Types of Digital Marketing & 10 Proven Online Marketing Channels

Digital Marketing is the core object of online/internet advertising platforms practiced to promote the products or services via online, results in brand recoganization, maximize sales volume and reach wide audiences. To execute the promotional/advertising activity in a very effectual process all it needs a perfect marketing strategy and the types of powerful marketing channels have chosen to versatile.

While creating digital marketing strategies, one should aware of the product or services a particular business deals with and know the prime intention of performing the marketing activities. Each business has a set of specific marketing goals to attain, those are formally structured based on business needs. Some of the primary marketing objectives are conversation, brand awareness, engagement, app downloads and also contains other advertising parameters.

The one who has well-versed knowledge in a particular business and well aware of the organization’s need, as the ability to choose the most relevant marketing channels influence to generate more qualified leads or maximize the product sales.

But before step into the next level, make sure to have enough knowledge in different types of digital marketing channels that exist along with its core aspect. To gain we applause for the initiatives taken and as a reward, we assist you by exploring the valuable insights of each digital marketing channel comprises.

Let’s get into the topic, below listed are the types of powerful digital marketing channels which versatile as online advertising platform to promote the product or services in an appropriate way.

Search Engine Optimization


In today’s world, folks are familiar with the internet and the accessibility of internet use made users to known about search engine familiarly. It builds an unbreakable trust factor amongst users by providing accurate information in the form of SERP’s results based on the relevant search queries.

Basically search engine framed with an intellectual concept perform an ambitious activity that enables users to acquire there expected results. It benefits both users and advertisers at the same time. A group of users who approach search engine to look for the service provider and a set of service provider who wish to draw genuine customers.

The main motto of search engine is to provide a truthful information to the users by listing accurate results in the SERPs. To execute they create a lot of parameters for the advertisers, initially starts from the website optimization as SEO friendly.

Off course to perform SEO activity, one should obtain a web portal. Because in search engine optimization website is the core element without a web portal it is highly-impossible to proceed further. To optimize it effectually, it is mandatory to know the opt-in list of search engine diverse in two methods On-Page SEO and OFF Page SEO. Usually, known as types/kinds.

Anxious to know the remarkable SEO criteria pledge to versatile for enhancing SEO performances draw many business opportunities kindly check out our featured step by step On Page and OFF Page SEO Guidelines.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing

As the term Search Engine Marketing describes distinctly it interconnected with the search engine concept, but the advertising approach and the accessible marketing objective are quite different.

It is one of the predominant paid advertising platforms introduced by a search engine, facilitate many advertisers to promote the product or services via online which assist to attain the marketing goals in a short-term period.

Preferred to use search engine marketing a paid advertising platform for advertising approach, then it is mandatory to obtain a specific landing page along with the required inputs based on marketing objectives.

Each AdWords campaign incorporated with a varied promotional feature that can utilize based on business needs and their marketing object. One similarity amongst the types of AdWords campaigns is all are paid, have to pay for each interaction made by users for the advertisements.

Even one can also decide the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and other to proceed search engine marketing approach. Each as an individual AdWords platform built-in only for paid advertising with various marketing object segments usually known as types of adwords campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Social networking site is the biggest platform obtains a vast audience. The adorable key aspects of social networking sites in terms of entertainment and other prospects attract many internet users to versatile.

As social media users are rapidly increasing due to significant reasons influence social networking sites to intro intellectual concept called social media marketing.

Social media marketing is all about to promote the product or services in social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and many others. Each of them varies in various aspects, can versatile to attain the marketing object.

Among the list of social networking sites Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn are the most popular social media sites have huge followers and day to day users are enhancing.  Its marketing features in terms of organic and paid advertising creates a buzz in the online marketing platform.

It’s paid advertising concept is almost similar to one another social media site but, the approaching style and required inputs are quite different, vary from marketing object we decide to utilize. To make proper use of it, it is mandatory to well-aware the key aspects of each social media site exist in it. Because the knowledge makes to take better decisions benefits in business operations.

App Marketing

Now it’s an app era, as smartphone technology usage is rapidly rising and almost 50% of users in the world are using smartphones which influence many businesses to think about app and app marketing.

Organizations are outreaching many app development companies to make the business reach the targeted audience more conveniently via app. So to get it done for an innovative app they allocate big budgets but still, it’s a question mark whether they considered app marketing is also one of the prime objects which a play vital role in key success.

In the app marketing, it interconnects with all the online marketing channels include SEO, SEM, SMM and others. To successfully promote the business or app via app marketing to achieve different marketing objects include conversation, brand awareness, and traffic it is needful to versatile those listed digital marketing channels.

App marketing can be done in very innovative ways, the online marketing approaches for app vary from business prospects. It depends on utilization of the available online marketing platforms to execute an effective marketing campaign with ideal app marketing strategies for the foremost business objective predominantly app downloads.

As in the play store bunch of apps are launched and it is available for downloads. Each application is developed with a different motto such as business, entertainment and other parameters. Amongst those apps, many of them are monetizing via AdSense by allowing users to advertise in it. These made advertising in the app is so simple and very effective.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

In every organization email is an inescapable object utilize to communicate securely. Now smartphone and other tools and technology made email is a mandatory field. So have thought to versatile any of those applications or tools then email database is a must submit element.

Certainly, vast users will obtain a specific email id and utilizing it for various purposes. It became one of the online marketing platforms for the advertisers, can adapt to outreach to the targeted audience by bursting email with an appropriate pitch.

For one on one marketing conversation, Email marketing is the effectual process provide deliberate results to the prospects comprise with a various business objective. To execute successfully, it requires a valid email database of a specific targeted audience.

The ideal opt-in list of likelihood audiences will be very effective results in getting a good response in the point of conversation or other segments. But the most challenging task is formulating the pre-eminent email opt-in list as per the business needs.

To run an effectual email marketing campaign, collecting a unique database is the most prioritized object which carries 99% of authority in it. As intellectually many email data appending companies, typically concentrate on selling unique email database towards the customers and it remains as one of the profited business.

Valid Email Database + Email Marketing Strategies = Minimize the bounce rate and Maximize the outreach.

Content Marketing

Content is the core object of all marketing platforms plays a vital role in advertising. Without content, it is highly impossible to discharge any advertisements in any platform for any business. In advertising or marketing content is the key element majorly should focus and to succeed it is essential to build content marketing strategies as per the business objective.

For online advertising, content is a unique entity associated with all the digital marketing channels. To proceed further the online promotional activity for any business, definitely should go with any of the types of avail online marketing channels such as Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and App Marketing.

To indulge the significant benefits which can gain by well optimizing the avail digital marketing channels, content is the X-factor to procure. For marketing, content is the crystal clear factor influence users to understand the product or service a business is offering but, to reach the targeted audience the right approach with accurate marketing strategies will provide the expected results.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is similar to the concept of distribution is commonly known in offline marketing. Comparatively, both as the same aspects but the platform they versatile for marketing approach varies.

In online, affiliate marketing is a strategic move drives exceptional results for the business. It benefits the organizations in a lot of online advertising parameters such as product sales, website traffic, and brand awareness. It seems the same as usual internet marketing concept but the difference is executed by affiliate programmers.

For affiliate marketers or promoters, the advancement is they can versatile any digital marketing channels for organic advertising, for paid certain procedures are supposed to follow made by the affiliate associates.

One who have curries to intro affiliate programs for the business, have to dig many insights and should plan accordingly to attain profit in various marketing segments but, before that, to be successful in affiliate associate is the business should already create brand awareness and most importantly should build a trust factor amongst affiliates.

Video Marketing

In online marketing standards, video marketing is one of the most audience influencer platforms, can versatile to execute the promotional activity in a user-oriented manner comprises brand awareness, traffic, and conversion.

Video is the only platform allure all segments of audiences, so a single video ad can lead the audience to recognize the business stories quiet easily and encourage them to do call to actions. If the business is convenient to target all segments of users then video marketing is the right approach to do.

To be successful in video marketing, indispensable to focus on backend work initially starts from scratch till marketing. A Video should come up with a conceptual and conventional manner moreover should be understandable and final object is the marketing platform we have chosen to promote.

Programmatic Advertising

The concept of programmatic advertising is buying or selling advertising placement in a particular website, application, and video. It holds the display campaign similarity object but the phenomenal difference is the accessibility.

In-display campaign, you won’t be getting the access to decide the ads placement but you can set the advertising parameters like demographics, website, keyword, topics and many. Programmatic advertising, have the accessibility for both publishers and advertisers to buy and sell ads placement on a real-time basis.

Basically, it comes with a significant feature. If the Business marketing agenda is to focus only on a set of users and the promotion should reach for only those audiences than optimize the programmatic advertising channel. But, advertisers have to do some research on the ad publishing site before processing the promotional activity.

Conclusion: Usually, folks are familiar with the search phrases i.e. “types of digital marketing channels” and the search volume is also pretty good. By observing all those parameters, many marketing experts are decided to target those audiences.

To do that, they started to create interactive Meta titles which influence the audience to take an interaction. Some of the topics they covered are 10 types of digital marketing channels, 7 essential marketing channels, 8 most influenced digital marketing channels.

But usually, there are only 5 types of digital marketing channels are currently in i.e. SEO, SEM, SMM, E-Mail and Programmatic Advertising. Among all the listed online marketing channels, Content is the core aspect.

Prefer the suitable one, do some strategies and run an effectual campaign.