Top 10 Results Driven ON Page SEO Essential Factors & Checklist

Are you toiling to rank your website top in the SERP’s & unsatisfied with the outcome? Willing to put more effort to attain your most auspicious SEO goal. Then check back your On Page SEO factors.

On Page optimization is the essential factors which influence your website to perform better in the SERP’s were it consists of various key object, highly impact on Search Engine Optimization and to enhance your SEO rankings in the SERP’s.

Well, your website doesn’t discharge expected results to your business and have an unconventional opinion on your unsatisfied SEO performance. It’s time to cross check whether your portal built in with by conceding all the top 10 significant On Page optimization SEO factors mentioned as below.

  1. Canonical Issue
  2. Website Loading Speed
  3. SEO Friendly URL Structure
  4. Meta Tag Optimization
  5. On Page Content
  6. Header Tag Optimization
  7. Keyword Density
  8. Internal Links
  9. Sitemap.XML/HTML
  10. Robots.txt file

Canonical issue:-

It is one of the most crucial on page element mandatorily to look for, majorly impact on SEO performance. Canonical issue can optimize ideally, by making effective 301 permanent redirections for a web portal URL’s i.e. either to or to This has to be done to avoid content duplications were it leads search engine to consider two URL’s into one while indexing.

Website Loading Speed:-

One of the most essential significant features is website loading speed which plays a wide role in terms of Search Engine Optimization & as well in business conversations. It is absolutely necessary to care & concern about reducing website loading speed. For better performance in SEO as well for a good user experience the website should load within 3 to 4sec, if it exceeds than it would cause unpredicted loss in SEO also impact on bounce rate.

SEO Friendly URL Structure:-

We can declare, it is the heart of index coverage. Proper URL structure optimization helps search engine to crawl & index effectively moreover it benefits SEO. To do that, businesslike research & analysis is required. For example: About us page URL structure built in like will get less SEO beneficiary comparatively to the following URL structure In the same time, always remember the URL structure should not contain more than three paths i.e.

Meta Tag Optimization:-

The one effectual element remarkably impact on SEO is Meta Tag Optimization, if you succeed by optimizing well-organized Meta tags prepared in terms of both business & SEO aspects than ranking top in the SERP’s become easy. Before that, it is necessary to understand certain terms & the crucial role of Meta Tags to make well use of it for SEO beneficiary. Also, check out our guidelines to write effective Meta Tags.

On Page Content:-

It is an essential factor helps users to understand about the business & industries you are in & the types of service offered. Your web on page content has to be strategies by considering three predominant aspects i.e. UI & UX structure, User-friendly & SEO. If you’re on page content built in by casing all the above three then your portal has capable to bring more business & as well it helps to enhance your SEO performance.

Header Tag Optimization:-

We can concede Header Tag Optimization is a small portion of on page content, but it matters in SEO. Many are failing to optimize it effectually. Yes, proper header tag optimization in the on page content will always be an upper hand, which impact in SEO & boost up the rankings by its significant feature. By adapting H1 to H6 tags can inform search engine to give preferences for a particular content were header tag is optimized. Preferences have been like higher to lower.

Keyword Density:-

In SEO, keyword density is one of the crucial elements required a systematic optimization, plays a vital role. If we mislead then it causes unpredictable damage, drastically impact on SERP’s results. Generally, in a particular on page content, keyword density should be limited up to 3 – 5% if it exceeds than it liable to be penalized. To know the keyword density percentage that you’re on page content holds, use the below mentioned formula.

K/W*100 i.e. Total Number of Keywords/Total Number of Words X 100

Internal Links:-

The internal links subject contains an advancement for both On Page & OFF Page SEO. In the on page, usage of internal links in terms of anchor text (keywords) which leads to another page of the same website will beneficiary for the users & as well it influence the keywords to rank well in the SERP’s results. The internal link is also considered as a backlink by the search engines, highly-effective in the OFF Page.


SEO professionals are familiar with Sitemap.XML/HTML & they know the use of it. Yes, sitemap.xml/html page is specially designed for crawling purposes. It helps search engine to crawl all the listed web page links at the same time. Sitemap.HTML page also beneficiary to the users, it works as another navigation menu. Again a seo strategical move is required to utilize essentially. Sitemap page can also divide into three segments like page, image & pdf.

Robots.txt File:-

People who know about Sitemap.XML/HTML then definitely know about the role of robots.txt file. It is so simple to remember its feature i.e. web page links which all are listed in the file will block search engine to crawl it. If any unnecessary link has to be avoided to crawl by search engine can utilize robots.txt. Robots.txt file role is dead opposite to Sitemap.XML/HTML Page.

Have you figured out any of the above on page seo factors has been missed out, then try to suggest in the commenting box.

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