How to Write Essential Meta Tag? Optimized to Enhance Your SERP’s

Is your Meta tag optimization is not up to the mark, is it really drills down your SEO performance. Intend to do something on it which will add more value to the business growth.

Firstly, check back the list of essential On-Page SEO factors & authenticate the portal exist with uppermost scenarios. If it doesn’t, begin to initiate.

In the list of SEO predominates, Meta Tag Optimization is one amongst them while compose it is necessary to concern the below mentioned points along with some business strategic move will beneficiary in terms of both SEO & Organization.

  1. Meta Tags Prominence
  2. Characters Limit
  3. Proper Keyword Research
  4. Compose Essential Meta Tags

Meta Tag Prominence

Firstly, you suppose to understand the in depth core of Meta tag attribute inaugurate & prioritize by Google i.e, the inducement behind the induction of Meta tag is to perceive the perception of the business portal & let users to reach out through a relevant search terms.

And now, by understanding the significant prominence of Meta tag, should focus on better optimization for best performance which enrich the clients to your business.

Characters Limit

Before stepping into action, it is necessary to know & follow certain terms which already lays & play a significant role. Yes, we are talking about the characters limit of Meta Tags segregate into three i.e, Title, Description & Keywords each has their own parameters along with characters limit.

Meta Title:- 60 Characters (letter counts)
Meta Description:- 160 – 300 Characters(letter counts)
Meta Keywords:- Up to 5 keywords (word counts)

If you violate the letter characters limit doesn’t impact more on SEO but, it matters. It is good to follow the things which always benefits.

Keyword Research

Hope so, no need an introduction for keywords. Keyword research is the crucial & the most powerful element which always require special importance has to be given. Because the business future include brand recognition, sales, customers & many other thing lays on the type of keywords going to finalize. So while making keyword research kindly understand the business, set of targeted audience & the search term relevantly used by users as per the keywords match types & search volume.

Keywords Match Types are as follows with Example

Keyword: Marketing
Exact Match: [Marketing]
Phrase Match: “Marketing tools” or “tools marketing”
Broad Match: Best Marketing Tools

Compose Essential Meta Tag

Once keywords has been finalized, it’s time to prepare Meta Tag.

As per the business needs by utilizing genuine keywords frame aptable Meta Tags without exceeding the characters limit & also try to cover all sorts of keywords match type. For kind information to write essential Meta tag will give you an example.

Type of Website: Ecommerce (ABC)
Business: Selling Product Online
Brand: XYZ
Keywords: xyz product online, xyz product online shopping, buy product online, xyz product price

Meta Title: Buy XYZ Products Online at Best Price |ABC
Meta Description: ABC one of the trust oriented Ecommerce portal for genuine XYZ product online shopping. Buy xyz products online at best price with secured payment facility.

Well, you aware of Meta tag & also know what it benefits by optimizing it but, still bit worried & looking for more guidelines to worthy utilization. Contact Apt To Act, we explore the X-Factor by understanding the business needs & help you out to optimize perfect Meta Tags to enrich your business goal.