Google AdWords & Its 6 Campaign Types for Effective Online Marketing

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is one of the best effective digital marketing channels adapt to promote website or app predominantly through paid advertising, leads to achieve the main motto of business goals such as Sales/Leads, Website Traffic & Brand Awareness.

To achieve the business advertising goals as it vary from the business Industries. In SEM we can versatile 6 different campaign types. Among out of 6 campaign types it is necessary to set effective campaigns impact on business growth. But before, setting up a campaign it is mandatory to know about the key aspects of each individual Google Adwords Campaign Types.

Apt To Act will let you know about the 6 Campaign Types.
  1. Search Network
  2. Display Network
  3. Search & Display Network
  4. Shopping
  5. Video
  6. Universal App

Search Network

Search Network is similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) where both the marketing goal will be the same i.e, rank your website top in the Google SERP’s results but achievable & the appearance is quite different. By setting up an ideal Search Network campaign in the form of paid advertising made more convenient & easy to online marketers to attain the business goals (reach the targeted audience) by ranking top in the SERP’s results usually shown above the Organic results.

To run a successful search network campaign, you have to be aware of its significant features along with superlative keyword research & should be clear on the purpose of optimizing it.

Display Network

Internet users are more familiar to Display Network by knowingly or unknowingly. Yes, usually when you browse websites you have been notified some creative (images) will be present in banners type consisting of various advertising content redirects to another website known as Display Campaigns.

In paid advertising Display Network is the vast effective campaign set up, helps you to reach wider-audience and made easier to attain the business goals, primarily on brand awareness. Display Network contains various significant aspects if we optimized it properly then it will be the foremost effective paid advertising campaigns. Remember, creative play a major role.

Search & Display Network

Induction of Search & Display Network in the paid advertising campaigns by Google made significant benefits to online marketers. This feature minimizes time consumption which happens while in the campaign set up by enabling both Search & Display Network features in one campaign set up. Online marketers may utilize this feature instead of setting up two different campaigns for different marketing approach.

For successfully optimizing the combination of both Search & Display Network Campaign set up, no need to focus on separate strategies, if we follow the same usually made it for Search & Display is well enough.


Shopping campaign is made up with significant features suitable for specific users who already set up & clear on their main motto of business i.e. Sales/Leads, differentiate in terms of selling products or increase visitors to your local store. This campaign is really helpful for retailers to maximize their sales through online by reaching out targeted audience shown the product images & specifications top or right side in the Google SERP’s results page.

Is your business is product oriented & have an e-commerce portal then setting up a Shopping campaign is the smart move gives instant results on product sales. To start your new Shopping campaign, it is mandatory to have/create a Google Merchant Center Account.


Hope so every internet users are familiar to Youtube videos and the appearance of before or in-between Video & Display Ads. Video Ads is the massive paid advertising platform gives an immense result on business advertising goals especially on brand awareness. It consists of various significant features subdivided into types of appearance & platform we chose for while setting up a video campaign.

The significant features of Video Campaign might confuse but, you have to be more conscious & should aware of all the available features to run an effective Video Ads campaign.

Universal App

We can say a smartphone is the primary object made Google introduce Universal App campaign. Yes, almost we all aware of smartphone which is more popularized for its availability of convenient mobile applications (Apps). The popularity encases many businesses & made them busy to develop Innovative mobile applications. Once the app is ready the next process is to Market. Prefer a Universal App campaign to attain your Application goals, come up with all the above campaign types features along with Google Play.

Have an app don’t waste your time by setting up another campaign or other marketing approaches instead invest it on Universal App Campaign by understanding its significant aspects & types. To run a successful Universal App Campaign make a proper advertising strategy by consisting of business goals to attain.

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