Top 5 Old PC Epic Games Loves to Play. Especially 90’s kids.


In the world, Game is the biggest entertainment which gives joy, relief & pleasant mind. Games is the only thing doesn’t have a certain age group restriction to play. Globally, several games are present and divided into category wise like sports, action, adventure, racing & many other were people having a lot of options to play any of them. We can say the introduction of a PC (Personal Computer) given birth to electronic games which take games into the next level.

Personal Computer has been a base for many things to introduce such as Software, Internet, LAN and as well as Game too. In the computer, many games are available among them we would like to list out the top 5 computer games influence many users to play and they still love to play for it especially 90’s kids.

1. Dangerous Dave

Dangerous Dave is a pleasant pc game loves to play especially 90’s kids. The main objective of the game needs to collect the trophies to move on to the next level. Other than its objective the game obtains certain specialty such as user-friendly controls, lives, graphics and levels which lead to form a curiosity influence many users to play. It won several hearts of game lovers.

2. Wolfenstein 3D

Wolfenstein 3D is the first shooting game developed based on the concept of Allied spy William B.J. Blazkowicz who escape from the Nazi German prison during the Second World War. The game is all about to accomplish the mission by fighting with soldiers, dogs and other enemies with knives and other weapons to move on to the next level. All 90’s shooting game lovers will never ignore to play this game.

3. Road Rash

Road Rash is a bike racing game which creates a great impression on racing game lovers. It is an entertaining game, the player supposed to participate in the illegal street race in that to finish it off in first place player can take a call on violence appears in the game rules. The game curiosity makes users stick with until finish it off in 1st place.

4. Need for Speed II

Need for Speed II a spectacular car racing game come up with exotic racing cars with features like color, speed & performance. It has been developed with computerized racing opponents or human opponents by LAN or in Split Screen as well as features differentiates in a racing mode like single or tournament. The features of the game influence users love to play it.

5. Half-Life

Half-Life is the best shooting game which gets a great welcome from the game lovers. The concept of the game based on science fiction when the experiment goes wrong, the player supposed to play a role of Dr. Gordon Freemen should tackle the problems by fighting with enemies & solve the puzzle. The game creates a very big curiosity among the game players which influence to get a good response.

We exposed the top 5 PC games that remember your past days and the game that you still loves to play. Still, many more PC games are there which creates a new revolution in gaming. Subscribe & Share to reach maximum people let them go back to the previous gaming world.