Step by Step On-Page & OFF Page SEO Beginner Guidelines


Are you new to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) subject? If yes, then this blog is specially designed for you, we express the information in the form of content. I know we have to.

Well, even users who are pretty much interested or who have basic knowledge of SEO can also go through it. In Apt To Act, there are no certain restrictions for users who wish to go through our blogs.

Before you begin would like to suggest new users in the means of new to the subject of Digital Marketing kindly go through our previous blog i.e. Digital Marketing & Its Powerful Marketing Channels for better clarification.

Let’s start, while reading this blog keep in mind that the information we shared as per the terms & condition aspects of a search engine that we have to follow because we need their service.

In SEO, it has been categorized in to two.

1. On-Page SEO

2. OFF Page SEO

On Page SEO mean On Page Optimization

In On-Page Optimization, there are significant features which we have to give special importance for them to achieve our target (rank top in the SERP’s results). As per the terms & condition aspects of the search engine, it is necessary to optimize well to get an advantage from it.

The Important Aspects of On-Page are as follow:

  • Canonical Issue
  • URL Structure
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Header Tag Optimization
  • Image Alt Tag Optimization
  • Keyword Consistency

But before optimizing it, we have to inspect the important factors which play a wide role in the above points (Aspects of On-Page) they are Business Analysis, Website Analysis, Competitor Analysis & Keyword Research.

Business Analysis

In Marketing, Business Analysis is the key factor to focus on & it is necessary to understand the business aspects before making strategies for right marketing approach to reach out the target audience which impact in sales. In SEO it plays a vital role, which influences to identify and set proper strategies to optimize as per the SEO Needs.

Website Analysis

After Business Analysis, the further step is Website Analysis. By understanding the business aspects, it’s time to built-up an innovative website. For that, different aspect as to be pre-plan such as website types, theme, appearance and many other. By considering all the above points once the website is ready, the next initial step is Website Analysis.

Have a query that why need to do Website Analysis?

Hahaha, Just remember you are approaching Digital Marketing strategies for the Business. In Digital Marketing, you might target across the global audience. The only possible way where people might contact for the service or product is from the web portal.

The website should speak about the service or product that you are offering it should be more informative for the users to understand the business. It is very much important to give preference for Web Design which creates good impression impact on the conversation.

To make sure that there is a higher possibility of getting conversation we should give importance to Website Audit & Analysis. Assume our self as a user looking for the service or product & browse the website. Kindly make a note of missing aspects that you feel as well Website Audit is also necessary for SEO sake. Even search engine gives importance to the web portal based on traffic.

Competitor Analysis

Entering into the Business, it is essential to know our competitor because without knowing the pros & cons of the competitor it is tough to take smarter decisions impact on sales. Competitor Analysis is very much important in all the auspicious marketing approach especially in Digital Marketing that too in SEO.

Competitor Analysis is very helpful as well as useful in SEO, In the SEO point of view by doing competitor analysis we can easily set list of keywords to target, identify their marketing strategies, backlinks and many other important factors make us take a smarter decision.

Keyword Research

In SEO, Keyword Research is the highly important component which as to versatile properly. Because keywords are the key thing & the only way to reach our target audience. More reach + More visit + More Business. Finally, by considering all the above factors the further step to the process is to make a proper keyword analysis which influences to get more business.

Once finalized the keywords the next step is to optimize it well in the On-Page Factors.

OFF Page SEO mean OFF Page Optimization

OFF Page SEO the term refers to link building activities usually follow to build strong backlinks which influence to improve the raking position of the website in the SERP’s result. To create backlinks there are significant techniques are there we can call it as OFF Page Submission Activities.

In OFF Page Submission Activities it has been categorized into two techniques Blackhat & White hat, we let you know in brief about Black Hat SEO Techniques & White Hat SEO Techniques in upcoming our feature blogs.

Following below are the OFF Page Submission Activities/Sites to follow which helps to get backlinks to the website.

  • Bookmarking Submission
  • Directory Submission
  • Classified
  • Business Listing
  • Blogging
  • Image Sharing
  • PPT/PDF Documentary Sites
  • Article Submission
  • Guest Blog
  • Video Submission
  • Forum Submission

Among those listed submission activities we can essentially create backlinks to the website. Well, Do you think only creating backlinks is quiet enough to rank top in the SERP’s? My opinion is No. It matters website traffic, proper On-Page optimization, high-quality backlinks & many other aspects.

Of course, backlinks is also one of the key factor influence to improve SERP’s result. We are not hesitating it but have you think about everyone is speaking about high-quality backlinks. What it means & how we can get it?

Usually, SEO guys will say getting backlinks from high domain authority sites will result in high-quality backlinks, yes agreed it matters but for them one question would like to ask. Everyone is submitting on high domain authority sites including the competitors but how Google differs the ranking positions.

There will be significant factors its concern, amongst them the important factor is the way we submit to get backlinks & traffic to the website. By following the above mentioned OFF Page submission activities.

Stay tuned to know about the benefits of each independent OFF Page submission process impact on high-quality backlinks as well as SERP’s results expose in our next article. Don’t forget to subscribe us.