New Warcraft AR Game Developing by Blizzard – Inspired by Pokémon Go


For all Pokémon Go Game Followers & Game Lovers here come the hot news, A New Warcraft AR Game yet to be launch by Blizzard.

Yes, Blizzard an American video game developing company behind the games of Diablo and World of Warcraft is now busy in developing a Warcraft AR Game inspired by, a well know popular mobile game called Pokémon Go.

After facing a huge controversy and furious fans reaction on the Diablo Immortal game, Blizzard a franchise of World of Warcraft is now fully focused on developing another mobile game naming as Warcraft AR. The game is expected to come up with augmented reality even it seems like GPS & hotspots will include getting a better interaction in the game world.

As earlier said, beyond the development of Warcraft AR game Pokémon Go is the inspired fact which leads to expect us to get one of the best-augmented reality games, hope so it will be. The plus point is, the game developers of Blizzard is a big fan follower of Pokémon Go. Definitely, the game holds some unique add-on aspects different from the Pokémon Go done.

The best point of Blizzard is they bringing World of Warcraft development team to work on the latest project to inject the Warcraft battle formula. Hope this will bring a huge revenue for Blizzard.

In the game development process, Cory Stockton one of the formerly lead designers of World War Craft involvement will there. As the early rumors we aware it consist more single player mechanics than Pokémon Go.

The information shared to Kotaku by one of the Blizzard insiders, states that the game already begins the development process, it includes many additional features than Pokémon Go. But still, they didn’t announce the release date.

As you aware Blizzard is committed to mobile gaming, so it might won’t appeal to pc game lovers. Get ready for the biggest mobile gaming treat provided by Blizzard.

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