List of Top 5 Best Mobile Games – (Android & iOS)


Everyone is familiar with the word “Game”. Yes, it is the most entertaining object which consists of lot of aspects such as joy, fun, sport, curiosity, relaxation. As we are in the 21st Century, technology improves massively, the induction of Smartphone takes gaming into the next level known as mobile game.

Playing games on your smartphone/tablet will entertain along with its benefits like convenience, creative, UI & UX experience, high-end graphics & many other. Smartphone has become one of the biggest platforms for many gaming industries because of its wider users, this influence many gaming companies to focus on game development.

As in the Android & Apple App Store, day to day availability of New Games is rapidly increasing this made huge competition amongst the gaming companies to sustain in the competition the game should come up with impressive aspects inspire the users to taste the success fruit.

At present, by conceding the above feature few games are sailed their boat to the successive path & achieve the destination. Among those let’s see the top 5 trending mobile games of 2019 attain the triumph by its gaming structure & designs drag the attention of many user influences to download & play right away.


The most seductive online game come up with battleground survival concept hit a grand success in the gaming world by its significant aspects such as Graphics, Realistic Weapons, Maps, Team Up & many other. Availability in all the platforms & supportive devices made more convenient to users maximize downloads. PUBG is all about to remain alive out of 100 online players in a single battleground, by utilizing the availability of equipment’s & stick in the safe zone. If you alive, then you get credit as “winner winner chicken dinner”.

Clash of Clans

It completely developed by holding reign period concept and bring back the kingdom dynasty into a game. In the Clash of Clans, individual player supposed to build an own territory by consisting various objects like constructing village, raising clans, participate in wars & many other. Globally, this game already builds a strong territory and drag the attention of wider audience. Game players expressed their feelings by giving a review into it, it is available in both Android & iOS platform.

Alto’s Adventure

The way the game built with a snowboarding concept clearly gives an insight, it holds a real-world snowboarding adventure effect. The game is all about snowboarding in across all over the puzzling alpine hill places comprises various aspects including weather effect such as snow, lightning, fog, rainbows, etc. It gives a phenomenal gaming experience and the add-on challenge your friends is the biggest entertaining object drag more users into it. Splendid advantage of this game is never miss-out a single users because of unavailability to their OS. Alto’s Adventure­ game supports almost all the platforms.

Teen patti

Playing card is the biggest entertaining game in the world, without bet the game losses its attentiveness were for some of the people playing card games is the only source of income they can make out. By holding this concept and utilizing the game technology, introduced Teen patti into the online gaming world. The availability of magnificent gaming features like coins, inviting friends, private table, tournaments & many other made Teen patti the most successful game warmly, welcome by many users all over the world. As of now, the game is available only for Android & iOS platform users.

Ludo King

Have you ever played ludo? Well many of us played ludo during in our childhood days. It’s a pleasant time pass game were at a time 4 players can play by rolling a dice and following certain game rules. With the same concept, a game is developed and introduced into the PC & App store market available in different platforms such as Android, iOS & Windows with well recognizing name as Ludo King. It is the best entertaining game can play with kids, friends & family & recall your missed childhood days.

It’s our pleasure to suggest the best interactive mobile games. It’s up to you to take a call on your own prospective which would like to play. Subscribe us & get regular updates on Gaming “Never compromise with your Game Entertainment”.