List of Top 10 Different Types of Fabrics & its Specialities


In the world, people are crazy about fashion, especially in fabrics. Admit it, people evaluating a person status based on the clothes they wore this point would express how much they are crazy about fabrics.

Clothing has been in the list of basic needs of life in that fabric can also be added. Nowadays, before purchasing clothes people started to evaluate the price value based on the fabric, style & designs used in it. Our only intended to educate users about the types of fabrics and speciality, we would like to share the information that we collected.

Hello all Fabrics Lovers, Following are the top 10 Fabrics types along with its Individual Specialties.

1. Cotton Fabric

It is a soft & fully staple fiber which has been cultivated it grows in a boll contain a cellulose fiber. In cotton, there is significant features & specialties are it is too good in strength, color retention even in machine & dry-clean washable & it has good absorbency.

2. Flax/Lenin Fabric

Lenin Fabric is made up of a fiber grown from the flax plant. It produces a very strong fiber requires more time & effort to manufacture. Its speciality is strongness, long life & interactive with moisture.

3. Jute Fabric

It obtains a long, soft & shiny fiber can be used to produce strong threads helps to make fabric. Its significant speciality of jute fiber is environment-friendly, highly strength & capable to produce the best quality of industrial yarn, fabric & net.

4. Wool Fabric

The fabrics are weaved by the textile fiber produced from the sheep. Speciality of wool fabric is it produce heat by holding air, reinforce with the ply yarns & it resists wrinkles.

5. Silk Fabric

The availability of natural protein fiber of silk influence to woven fabric into textiles. It as a smooth, soft, strongest texture with a very good moisture, it is an elastic fiber & avoids the dirt.

6. Rayon Fabric

Rayon Fabric is made up of a fiber regenerated from the cellulose fiber. The fiber obtains the texture of all natural fibers. The remarkable speciality of rayon fabric is soft, absorbent of all types of cellulose fiber & strength.

7. Fiber Glass Fabric

Fiberglass fabric is made up of a fiber strengthened plastic by using glass fiber. An exclusive speciality of fiberglass fabric is incredible high tensile fiberglass yarn strength, flame resistance & durable.

8. Non-Woven Fabric

Non-Woven Fabric is made up of a material that built up with staple fiber and a long fiber. The admirable speciality of Non-woven fabric appearance is similar to woven fabrics, very thin & obtains high tensile strength.

9. Woven Fabric

Usually woven fabric stretches diagonally until the threads customized as horizontal and vertical direction used as elastic. The main speciality of woven fabric is warp & weft yarn, highly durable & it is smooth.

10. Knitted Fabric

Knit is a method used to make textile or fabrics by inter-looping the yarns. To form fabric, loops of wools or other yarn is the main factor to concern make by knitting needles or in a machine. Knitted Fabric its speciality is it can make into smaller pieces, it is more delicate & less durable, soft, flexible & stretchable.

People who are very much curious about different types of fabric & speciality used for a different purpose such as buy, sell, customize, sewing should not miss out the information. Kindly wait for our upcoming blogs.